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Fine Art Astrophotography


The Universe

as I see it

For astrophotographers the quality of the sky above them matters. Light pollution and turbulent weather can interfere with making images of the faint objects that populate the sky above us.  I’ve chosen to pursue my astrophotography interests on the central coast of California, from a small observatory I’ve built in my backyard. There are more accommodating locations for this work, where the light from the city and the coastal Summer fog are not additional challenges to already challenging photography. But here on the coast there are times when the clean sea air is as transparent as glass, and the cosmos seen through my telescope seems close and tangible. In the sky over Big Sur, the Milky Way burns an arc to the horizon and even faint objects glow in black, velvety space. This place is special and my imagery captures the view of the Universe.

Milky Way galaxy in the summer sky


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