Fine Art Group Hosts Presentation by J-P Metsavainio

The title of J-P's presentation is, Astrophotography as a Art Form, his views on art and science, and the processing approaches he uses. The presentation will begin at 7:00p (GMT +2), on July 3, 2021. The time of the presentation by city/time zone are listed below.


Los Angeles / San Francisco            9:00a

Chicago / Dallas / Mexico City        11:00a

New York/Quebec/Bogata/Lima      12:00p

Buenos Aires / Sao Paulo                  2:00p

London / Reyjavik / Dublin                5:00p      

Paris / Berlin / Madrid / Warsaw        6:00p

Helsinki / Oulu / Cairo                       7:00p      

Moscow / Riyadh / Nairobi                8:00p

Mumbai / Karachi                            10:00p

Hanoi / Bankok                                12:00a (July 4th)

Beijing / Shanghai / Perth                  1:00a (July 4th)

Tokyo                                                  2:00a (July 4th)

Sydney                                               3:00a (July 4th)


We apologize for the inconvenient time of the presentation for audience members in Asia and Australia. The time of the event was chosen to accommodate the largest number of AstroBin users. If you are not able to attend the live event, the presentation will be recorded and made available to everyone at the Fine Art Astrophotography group forum at AstroBin.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up below. We need to know the number of people that are planning to attend to secure a Zoom room large enough for everyone. We will send the Zoom link for the event to your email address.

Thank you for signing up.