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Printing and Framing

The printing and framing of my images is a critical part in the creation of my art.

Works on Photographic Paper

I print on two premium photographic papers. The first, Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl, has reflective qualities and gives the image a glow, much like the glow of the space object. The second, Fuji Flex, is a polyester-based medium with a high-gloss finish and very high contrast.  For both papers I use an optical printing process (RA-4 Kodak wet printing process) that yields rich tonal range and enhance the reflectivity of the print.


I mount each paper type differently. The Fuji Pearl is face-mounted to acrylic glass which enhances the sense of image depth and protect the surface. The acrylic mount is borderless and has a rigid aluminum alloy backing that will not warp. The edges of the mount are hand polished.


The Fuji Flex is mounted on an aluminum layered backing board and the print is protected with a thin polycarbonate laminate that protects it from UV light and scratching. This is mounted in a brushed aluminum floater frame. This approach enhances the sense on depth and dimensionality of the image. All of the materials and processes in my framed work are archival and engineered to keep the image looking new for 100+ years.

Fuji Flex mount 1.jpg
Fuji Flex mount 2.jpg
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