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There are several cosmic objects in this wide angle image, including Cone Nebula (top), the Christmas Tree cluster of stars (below the Cone), and Fox Fur Nebula (surrounding the Christmas Tree cluster). The large star in the top center of the field is S Mon, a young, highly energetic star whose light and hot matter is causing the surrounding interstellar dust to form the odd conical and stretched shapes, including the fur-like folds.


19.5 hours total exposure of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur emissions

Christmas Tree (B/W)

  • About this artwork

    Limited Edition of 50 Signed Prints.


    Printed with archival pigments on handmade watercolor paper, mounted in a premium floater frame.

    20x30"     $1,700

    27x40"     $2,600

    40x60"     $4,250

    Additional sizes are available.


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    My art is available for purchase at Gallery Sur in Carmel, CA. Please drop by or contact the gallery for purchase and shipping options.

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