Can you find the animals hidden in the clouds of space gas and dust?


Look carefully and you might discover,


     Fish                    Horse

     Bird                   Tadpoles

     Dolphin             Jellyfish



1. Andromeda – the nearest neighboring galaxy to our Milky Way Galaxy

2. Tadpoles – Tadpole Nebula, remnants of two star-forming chambers

3. Bird – Seagull Nebula, a concentration of brightly glowing gas and dust

4. Dolphin – Dolphin Head Nebula, a gas cloud formed by a special type of hot star

5. Fish – Fish Head Nebula, a nebular nursery where new stars ignite

6. Horse – Horsehead Nebula, a dark cloud of dust in a region of glowing gas

7. Jellyfish – Jellyfish Nebula, the remnant of an ancient super nova



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    A collage of seven metal prints with exhibit mounts, including

    three   8" x 12" images,

    two      8" x 10" images, and

    two      8"  x  8" images.


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    Invidual image                  $   195

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