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The Horse and the Flame
  • The Horse and the Flame

    About 1,000 light-years away in the constellation Orion, these iconic nebula glow with ionized hydrogen caused by the ultraviolet light from the large nearby star at the left of the frame, Alnitak. In addition to the horsehead siloutte in the glowing red hydrogen veil and the swirling orange tongues of the Flame Nebula on the left, in the center of the frame there is also a bright blue star shining through the dust and gas, the emission nebula. This image combines RGB exposures taken with a DSLR and narrowband exposures taken with a CCD camera. The DSLR images were acquired in 2017, while the CCD images were taken in 2020.


    16.9 hours total exposure

    Each print is signed and numbered. Typical editions are 25 prints totaled over all sizes.

    Click here to learn how I print and frame my images.

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